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Holiday flat at the Atlantic with lake view for 2 to 5 persons

  • Weingebiet Bordeaux
  • weingebebiet Bordeaux
  • Bordeaux
  • Bordeaux
  • Miroir d'eau Bordeaux
  • bords Garonne
  • Leuchtturm cordouan
  • dŁne Pyla
  • Naturschutzgebiet cousseau
  • Naturschutzgebiet cousseau

"The highest dune of Europa and the best wine."



The apartment is 45 km from Bordeaux away. Thanks its unique historic center, it is on the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 2007! Let discover between historical facades and narrow crooked streets, the classical and neo-classical cityscape. In the course of recent urban renovation new promenades were built along the Garonne and new pedestrian areas which are ideal for long walks.

Les bords de la Garonne


The Garonne river runs in a wide arc through the city of Bordeaux. Because of this crescent moon shape, the city was named Port de la Lune (Port of the Moon). A few kilometers downstream the Garonne flows together with the Dordogne to the 70 kilometers long estuary Gironde. Long promenades can be done along the Garonne as well in as out of the city.

Wine region and castles


The apartment is very well located to discover in a radius of 50 km the wine region of Bordeaux, where the wineyard owners will welcome you for a winetasting. You'll find about 3000 reknowned Catles that produce famous wines : Margaux, Saint EstŤphe, Pauillac, Saint Julien ... alternatively to the car, you can take a bus which stops at a few Castles (Cussac-Fort-Medoc, Lamarque , ... ).

Highest dune in Europe


The dunes in the area of Lacanau are up to 66 m high. Arcachon (ca. 1 hour drive) has even the highest dune in Europe : Dune du Pilat. It has north-south oriented and up to 110 meters high, 500 meters wide, about 2.7 kilometers long with an estimated volume of 60 million cubic meters. Because of its ecological diversity this area is a nature reserve since 1978.

Nature Reserve Cousseau


After a 6 km long bike ride in the forest you find yourself in the midst of a nature reserve with an area of 600 ha. A natural pond as well as 7 km trails invite you to stroll, picnic and of course enjoy nature unaffected by human being. The nature reserve is accessible throughout the year .

Lighthouse Cordouan


With about 1 hour drive you reach the Cordouan lighthouse at the Gironde Estuary. It is operating since 1611 and thus the oldest lighthouse in operation in France with a beautiful chapel and royal residence. A special trip during the summer months for both history and nature lovers, who can also collet shells around the lighthouse depending on the tides.